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Essential Things for your Smart Home: The Structured Wiring Enclosure

If you have not heard of a Structured Wiring Enclosure you are not alone. A Structured Wiring Enclosure is a hub that distributes data, audio, video, and phone signals to different rooms throughout your Smart Home. Smart Home owners use Structured Wiring Enclosures to organized their cabling and manage their network equipment.

Consumers can choose from a wide variety of Structured Wiring Enclosures. For Example, Channel Vision manufactures 12″, 19″, 28″, 38″, and 50″ Structured Wiring Enclosures with designer hinged doors. Components that go inside these metal enclosures are: universal product holders, snap pins, audio/video and phone distribution modules, data patch panels, switches, power supply, surge protection, uninterrupted power supply, etc.

Home owners should answer these questions before purchasing and installing a Structured Wiring Enclosure. Where is the optimal location for my enclosure to minimize the length of line drops? How many line drops do I need for each room? What equipment can I house in my enclosure? How many enclosures do I need and what are their dimensions? How will I get electricity to power the equipment in my enclosure? Do I want my enclosure to be surface or flush mounted?

Installation of a Structured Wiring Enclosure should be near the center of your home on an interior wall. Do not install a Structured Wiring Enclosure on an exterior wall, non-insulated garage wall, extreme distances from connections at wall plates, a fire-rated wall, and next to your main electrical panel.

The number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in our homes are growing significantly each year. In 2017, the number of IoT devices surpassed the number of people on the planet for the first time. An organized structured cabling foundation is paramount to successfully adopting new IoT devices into residential networks.

Mike Battaglia is President of Next Smart Homes.

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