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Five tips to help burglarproof your doors

One of the most common ways home invaders enter your home is by kicking down the door. Here are five tips to slow them down or completely deter their efforts.

1) Install a floor lock

Floor locks are many times stronger than traditional deadbolt locks. The Haven Floor Lock combines the convenience of a Smart Lock (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) with ten times the strength of a deadbolt lock.

Haven Lock – Introduction


Haven Lock – Kick Test


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2) Reinforce the frame and doorjamb

Install 3″ screws that burrow deep into the wall studs and reinforce the doorjamb with galvanized steel.

3) Go windowless

If you have a window within arm’s reach of your lock, it is easy to smash the window and unlock your door from the inside.

4) Replace hollow wood doors

Battering ram tests prove that hollow wood doors are weaker than solid wood, fiberglass, or metal doors. According to Consumer Reports, battering ram tests shown little difference in strength among solid wood, fiberglass, or metal door materials.

5) Install a Deadbolt
Install a secondary deadbolt lock (in addition to a floor lock). Use a lock with a 1-inch-long deadbolt and a reinforced metal box strike.

Combining multiple security controls (layered defense) is your best bet to keep unwelcome guests from entering your home.

Mike Battaglia is President of Next Smart Homes.

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